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Title: Boy, you a sight to see (Kinda something like me)
Date: Saturday, July 18, 2009
As I write this post, I think about how I could be planning my outfit for the No Doubt concert tonight. But no, I am not going anymore because my best friend sold our tickets (Yeah... I don’t understand what he was thinking either). Well, I guess I’ll stop complaining right about now… :)

*Sigh, I love family vacations & road trips. Here's some photos:

Oh noes, my mustache is askew!

AA tulip skirt, Hanes t stolen from my little brother, Payless shoes,
Chinese Laundry bag
, Mom's vintage belt, JC Penny cardigan

At five feet, I could probably audition to be one of the dwarfs.

Old Navy tee, Ross skirt & sandals

Obviously, I wore a skirt to endure an 18 hour drive.

I thought my face would look better if it was the whole wide world.

AA hoodie, Old Navy tee, Target/wannabe AA skirt, Ross shoes

A sixteen hour drive to San Francisco, stayed in a really nice/big house, toured Alcatraz, bought a harmonica, played outside in the dark, sucked at ping pong. Then off to Las Vegas, the hottest place known to mankind (or, at least to me… Oh. Guess I wasn’t done complaining, huh? Ha!), with me not gambling, not drinking, not doing anything but shop because I am well under aged. Being a princess. Staying at Circus Circus and not seeing even one clown, playing “gambling games for kids”. I plan to stay at every single hotel there when I am older and a gold digger. Watching Criss Angel x Cirque du Soleil, which had it’s moments but honestly, it was disappointing. Off to Arizona, for the Grand Canyon. Getting lost, what the hell is Route 66, stopping by the Hoover Dam, and ooh pretty sights. Finally, to LA, for family, sleeping, fourth of July, fireworks, little devils running around (who sometimes can be cutie angels), Disneyland/California Adventures, mmm I love churro’s!, Magic Mountain is the best thing in the whole wide world, In ‘N Out various times, shopping, a Seaworld, getting sunburnt, Raging Waters, getting sunburnt again, then going back home. A stop by Oregon overnight, for shopping, cheap McDicks and rest. Finally finally finally (although I miss it dearly in California!)… home.

I love my daddy <3>

I also love my $10 sunglasses :)

Off to babysit… hope you’re having a fun summer much like I am!

Fiona, your fellow mustache.

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