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Title: Influence
Date: Sunday, May 10, 2009
It's no secret that I love Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. As a child, I grew up watching Full House. I collected all of their books: The New Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley, You're Invited To..., Two of a Kind, books based on their movies, Sweet 16... even the biographies! I begged my parents for their movies, and even if I didn't own some, I still managed to see every Olsen Twin movie there was. Two of a Kind, So Little Time, and their cartoon with the talking dog were my favourite TV shows. I'm in the midst of collecting the whole Full House series on DVD (I have seasons 1-3 and 5), and I got their "Influence" book for Christmas. Heck, I had/have two chickens named Mary-Kate and Ashley (RIP MK). I think they're two of the few child stars who didn't grow up being psycho, and I love them now as much as I loved them as they famously said, "You got it, dude!"

Here are some (of the MANY) favourite pictures of mine. It was really difficult choosing which ones to share, so I focused mainly on the more recent ones.

Hopefully, you guys will be as inspired as I am:)

And their style! So different, but both amazing. I also love how, when they were advertising for their book, it showed their different styles but still seemed to "go" together.

I have to say, Ashley remains my favourite of the two.

Don't get me wrong, however. I admire Mary Kate for her own unique style, and how she pulls it off effortlessly.

All throughout my life, MK & A have remained an Influence. (hehe)

- Fiona :)

thanks a bunch to Olsen Files (!) and Just Jared for the pictures:)

p.s. Happy Mother's Day!
I love you mama:)



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