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Title: Now let's start the show, Step out of the cold (8)
Date: Monday, March 16, 2009
It’s no doubt that I love sleep. So, you could understand how upset I was this morning when my driving lesson was cancelled... I only had 5 hours of sleep for nothing.

Anyway, this is the result of me not being able to go back to sleep. After this winter, I officially hate the cold. Seriously, it's gotten too much for me. Sigh. Here's some outfits that gave me a little pick-me-up:

Aldo, $110; Forever 21, $24.80; Urban Outfitters, $128

Urban Outfitters, $58; Forever 21, $10.80; The most beautiful glasses ever! Dita Eyewear, $500; Urban Outfitters, $28; Hanes, $Ridiculously cheap (Free if you're like me and steal your Dads/brothers/friends/boyfriends); Payless Shoes, $27.99

Forever 21, $4.80; Urban Outfitters, $20; Urban Outfitters, $78; Aldo, $12.98; Steve Madden, $79.95

I apologize that my posts will never be as pretty as Sam's or Daniel's... Haha=p

Oh, and Sheila left for San Francisco today! She's lucky; 18 degree weather!! We all miss her dearly (On the outside. Inside, we're really thinking "Sweeeeeet! No Sheila for a week? This makes Spring Break 123789173x better!" Hah, jk yo.) Have fun Sheman!

- Fiona,

The Mustache.

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