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Drop Clothes Not Bombs!
We realized that our title can be pretty misleading; the blog has nothing to do with dropping clothes for peace or any sort of nudity for that matter. We do like shiny things though.
Title: California Screamin' x2
Date: Saturday, May 1, 2010
Might I direct you to the faces of the two people at the back row not raising their hands up? This was essentially the highlight of our Disney trip.

I know that we've promised a million times to get back on track with our blogging, but our pessimistic attitudes and lack of blogable outfits have hindered us from doing so. :( Many apologies on our behalf, but we hope you'll forgive us after looking at what we wore to our recent trip to Disneyland. :)

Sam: Floral dress from I-forget-where, Gladiators from Spring.
Sheila: Zara romper and Daniel's mother's belt.
Fiona and Michelle: No idea!
Michelle: Urban Renual dress
Sheila: F21 crop top, H&M skirtSam: UO shirt, H&M skirt
Sheila: Le Chateau suspenders
Fiona: Rodarte for Target top
Michelle: Yet again I am unsure as to where she gets her beautiful clothing. :(
Michelle: Nata.
Fiona: Who knows but her shirt is amazing.
Sheila: UO backlass dress and UO hat
Sam: Either F21 or Love Culture romper
Fiona had a colourful skirt on that day but I am sadly at a loss as to wear it is from.

Turns out that 5 days of thrill rides plus shopping at Anthropologie for the first time and numerous amounts of disrupted pictures equals a lot of fun on the happiest place on earth.


Title: That's mint.
Date: Sunday, February 28, 2010
Yo, peeps!
Much to the dismay of DCNB, we decided to follow up on our previous promise of blogging more by undertaking yet another absense. In our defense, however, the Olympics were taking place and while Sam was working her butt off for some much needed mula for our upcoming Disneyland trip, me and Fiona decided to embark on our own adventures which mostly consisted of venturing Downtown and taking in all the sites. Below are the outfits we wore to Fiona's best friend's, and my new friend's, birthday. We'd made a pit stop at Safeway and decided to make use of the cookie/frozen goods aisle by photographing in it.

Aldo Purse; Unknown Cardigan; Rodarte Shirt; Unknown Skirt
5 feet. :)

Dynamite Pleather Jacket; H&M Purse; Thrifted Shirt; Payless Booties.Mmm, Oreo thins!

This man-inspired outfit was worn to an outing in Granville Island. Boy, do they ever have good hot dogs.
Mom's shirt; AA Cardigan; Aldo Necklace


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Title: I see your body lighting up in the moonlight
Date: Monday, February 15, 2010

So, DCNB is back for good. We promise!

We all go to a Catholic school, so uniforms are pretty much are lives (Booo). However, there are some occasions where we get to dress our best, showcased by Sheila and I (At 7:00 in the morning. We hate choir.)

Fiona: Urban Behavior coat, Old Navy shirt, Vintage belt, Wal-Mart skirt, Steve Madden shoes
Sheila: Urban Outfitters dress, Urban Outfitters shoes

Pay attention to Sheila's beautiful backless dress (aka don't mind my face)

Other non-fashion related good news: Winter Olympics are happening right here in Vancouver! You know what that means... No school for two weeks! Yay! Too bad there's no snow here though, ha.

Anyway, expect pictures of us downtown like we're tourists (Hey, that does mean we do get to lug around a huge camera without stares? "We're from *insert American State here*")

And then don't mind this picture. A reenactment of a picture we took in grade 8.

How embarassing

Peace out, homies!

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Title: Tassels, ya dig?
Date: Saturday, February 6, 2010
Ello me hearties!
Exams finished a week ago and after seven days of sitting in class and doing absolutely nothing productive, I've decided to finally break the non-blogging streak that DCNB has been undergoing. Below is the outfit I plan on wearing to work later today as well as for my long awaited date with my good friend, Spencer. Most of the items were handed down to me from my mom so a special shout out to her for going through menopause and not being able to fit into these clothes! Please excuse the crappy pictures and superhero-like poses; the pictures really do look better on my Mac and like I've said before, my entire being was not made for model-esque stances and blue steel facial expressions.
I wanted to showcase my ring, and this is the best I could come up with.

luv U macbuk 4lyfe.

With love from Burnaby, (hah!)
Sheila, The White One

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Title: Haut Couture
Date: Tuesday, January 26, 2010
So there is no excuse for being MIA unless you count being lazy and viable so here's a picture to update you on our lives...we'll be coming back after exams are done. :D


Date: Monday, October 12, 2009
Wow, it must be really really late, or there must be something in the turkey (Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!) because I'm actually blogging about animal tees.

I know, it's been around for a while now, but to be honest, I never found them appealing from the start. That is, until I saw this:

Familiar? You guessed it. It's that same tee that became an internet-amazon-phenomenon and was also blogged about on lulu and your mom.

Damn, Dwight. How could I not love tacky animal prints now? Now I see the Christopher Kane stuff in a whole new light (You can call me out on bandwagoning, I don't care).
(took this off of Fashiontoast, obviously)

I should get my own so I could, y'know, "howl at the moon" and stuff.

If you don't watch the office
then I am so sorry.

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Title: Lazylazylazy.
Date: Sunday, October 4, 2009
Daniel and I went to a fashion so the other day :) we'll post more about it soon. For now I'll leave you with some pretty photos from my folder.

images taken from


Leslie Early - Your Car Music Video from Leslie Early on Vimeo.

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