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Title: The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
Date: Tuesday, August 11, 2009
I’ve always wanted to see this movie, probably because this film pretty much sums up my idealistic view of life in Europe: Small towns by the sea, rain falling on charming little cobblestone streets, pretty coats and dresses, romance and…umbrellas! Every clip or still I’ve seen so far is full of colour, and beautiful 60’s era fashion. If you loved Anna Friel’s wardrobe in Pushing Daisies, then you’d probably love the girly outfits in this movie too. ( I forgot to mention that it’s a musical. Although, unlike normal musicals where the spontaneously breakout into song, they sing everything. No spoken dialogue...That’ll take some getting used to, but oh well! )

(photos from... I forgot.)

crappy synopsis
Catherine Deneuve plays Genevieve, the daughter of a widowed umbrella shop owner in the coastal town of Cherbourg. She falls in love with Guy, a young automechanic who is soon drafted to fight the Algerian War.

So far, my only option is to order it online, since I can’t think of any stores that would sell the DVD in Vancouver. I have a feeling that they wouldn’t have it if I checked at the local blockbuster, but it’s worth a try. I must get my hands on this movie!


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