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Drop Clothes Not Bombs!
We realized that our title can be pretty misleading; the blog has nothing to do with dropping clothes for peace or any sort of nudity for that matter. We do like shiny things though.
Title: It's been a while...
Date: Saturday, July 11, 2009

Today I actually got up off of my lazy but to do some blogging (Hooray :)). Anyways, we’ve actually stepped up our game in terms of picture taking, because this time we have a nice camera and found a pretty location down in Gastown. Fiona wasn't able to join because she's ditched us for sunny California, while we're stuck in Vancouver with it's schizophrenic weather (boooo).

[Sheila: Her mom’s top + HM Bag + UO sandals + Aldo necklace] [Daniel: HM canvas bag]
  Here we have Sheila and Daniel, looking very fierce underneath their black umbrella (I really like this picture. I could be the next face-hunter-sartorialist. Well, not really. Drop Clothes Not Bombs could do some cool Vancouver streetstyle blogging though…)

[Forever 21 blazer + Loveculture gladiators and dress]


Leslie Early - Your Car Music Video from Leslie Early on Vimeo.

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