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Drop Clothes Not Bombs!
We realized that our title can be pretty misleading; the blog has nothing to do with dropping clothes for peace or any sort of nudity for that matter. We do like shiny things though.
Title: 3LW...sorta.
Date: Thursday, June 4, 2009
The coming of exams = distractions and these distractions = blogging. After studying math for 2 consecutive hours, my brain (along with the rest of my body due to the intense heat of 34 degrees) is fried. No recent photos have been taken due to our busy schedules of studying and delaying studying, but these bad boys were captured a few weeks ago after an intriguing bio field trip and sushi. :) If all else fails in life, I've decided to become a marine biologist. Finding Nemo FTW.Sam: Unknown Jimi Hendrix Shirt; DIY Slashed Jeans; Sears Oxford Heals
Fiona: Unkown White T; DIY Pocket Jeans; Unknown Black Flats; Guess Bag - And we can't forget the famously acclaimed moustache necklass from her parents :)
Moi: Abercrombie and Fitch Tank; F21 Jeans; UO Sandals

The above is not a creeper picture of Fiona's behind. It is simply a photo capturing the creativy of Fiona and the love she has for studs.

Wishin I was chillin' with some ice cream fillin',



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