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Drop Clothes Not Bombs!
We realized that our title can be pretty misleading; the blog has nothing to do with dropping clothes for peace or any sort of nudity for that matter. We do like shiny things though.
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Date: Thursday, March 5, 2009
Nylon February 09
Vivi April 09

If I didn't hate the feeling of pants on my legs, I think I'd wear a pair of these babies. Maybe one day I'll be able to say, "hey. It's okay to like pants. Pants are good" but I don't think that time will come anytime soon... unless I can get my hands on a nice pair of ankleboots.

Anyways, These scans are not mine, and are uploaded by the people of the livejournal community, Jmagazinescans which I think you should check out if you're tired of reading articles and want something abundant in pretty pictures (I recommend Vivi and Nylon, obvs).

This is pretty much just a filler post for now since I can't find my camera to take outfit pictures with. The Squad and I are getting together some photos soon, so please stay tuned!

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